filler catastrophie?

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well the fillers are up…some are early… and oh crap i got the text explanations mixed up *horrified and embarrassed look*

oh and bwahaha!!! fixed the cast page now ill need descriptions…

more tech dificultys

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well i was going to suprise everyone yes everyone with fillers but it seems the first ones not showing up….hmmm…..*smashes the kriff out of ftp* work darn you! arrrgh!

cast page

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okay were having a little trouble with the cast page pictures it will ask you for usernames and passwords… ignore this please. and also i dunno why youd go there the descriptions arent up.

and if someone says ‘try using the slider’ i will throw a cone at them or worse toss em into the kriffing lake! -_-*



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we have nifty ideas for the new website yes we do.
another nifty thing is jevasi made the deans list congrats to jevasi!

links are fixed

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honestly i dunno what orriginally was wrong but the navigation is now fixed. thanks crrash for the advice.
ill also give you a teaser. we have a new site layout planned hehehe…
we have


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sorry for my long absence. lets just say stuff got in the way. good news is this semesters ending yay!

ill be doing my best to fix those linkage problems and updating the sites. even better news i switched my college path ways and will be working on my web design certificate.  so. hopefully it will be easier for me to fix bugs and get everything coded up and running.

Navigation, fillers and real life.

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the navigation have been transfered i would also let you know that if you see any spelling errors or coding errors feel free to email us. and another thing. vagwen says lifes catching up to her but thats okay yay for fillers! 😀

Template is up and running!

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Yes its up! only thing missing that should be appearing soon is the banner and hopefully one of the adds will kindly vanish…..

more bugs

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it seems now i broke something ah well now at least you can see all comics so far and have fully working  buttons. might be a wile until the templates working again so for now yow will just have to deal with the boring white backround and tile and incomplete authors. ^___^


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i believe the only reason the buttons are missing is because there is only one comic so far. which makes sense. ^_^
gah! the horror! i thought i could fix the double comic and now the comics vanished wtkriff?!
this is what happens when an amature attempts to do a  comic genesis layout with html… it gets extremely buggy beyond all reason….